WiFi solutions for large public venues

In today’s ‘mobile-first’ world, visitors to large public venues are keen to get online to share images, videos, and social updates. This offers the perfect opportunity to promote your business or venue, deliver timely updates, and to drive additional revenue through real-time engagement.

In high density environments the challenge is often ensuring that users can get online with ease and that they all receive a good quality and robust internet connection. Our tools make capacity planning effective and simple. Bandwidth can be allocated according to the specific requirements of the venue and the number of people expected on the network.

Reports such as repeat versus new visitors, frequency of visit, user demographics, and contact details can provide rich insights into customers and visitor behaviour. This information can be used to form targeted marketing campaigns and visitor engagement, such as sending triggered email messages, or delivering content into the browser in real time via our Injection Jet technology.

The guest WiFi can be monetised by adding third-party sponsorship of the SSID, the login portal, or landing pages. The Conference Management tools allows for easy set up by the venue managers and every aspect of the service can be tailored to suit the needs of your event, venue, or visitor type.

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We work in various large public venues

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