Apartment WiFi Solutions

WiFi is an essential utility, like heat or hot water, and property owners can use a quality WiFi network to make their buildings more competitive and more desirable to prospective tenants. The Airangel team can help developers and property managers benefit from market-leading wireless and broadband infrastructure to deliver value to residents.

Our solution, designed specifically for the private rental sector, allows property managers to take control of the building’s connectivity. Airangel provide both the fiber connectivity and the tools to easily manage the WiFi network.

Genisys, our easy-to-use management platform, allows residents to have connectivity and their own private network from day one. Building managers or residents have the option to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks.

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The Airangel Solution

Personal Area Networks

Our latest innovation allows residents to have their own private WiFi network in each home or apartment, plus a separate guest network in the communal areas. Our solution opens up possibilities for residents to securely connect all of their devices just like in any home, whilst providing you with the tools to simply manage and deploy the networks from a central dashboard where you become the ISP.

When a resident moves in they are sent an email with their personal WPA2 key to access their private network. When they move out, their network can be easily reset via the Genisys dashboard and new key is generated for the replacement resident. It really is that easy.

Unlike traditional shared access solutions, the resident’s devices, and even the Smart TV, are visible to each other over the secure personal network. This means content can be easily shared, allowing movies from services such as Netflix to be streamed directly to the big TV. Residents can connect their gaming consoles, Chromecasts, or streaming music players.

You can provide a basic connection for a small fee or free of charge, allowing day one connectivity for all residents. Our platform provides options for anyone to upgrade their allocated bandwidth, should they wish, at any time via a simple Online payment process.


Traditionally, residents have been responsible for sourcing their own internet connectivity and would turn to an ISP for a solution. This approach can be costly and takes time to get set up. For overseas guests or shorter term visitors it can be difficult to get a contract approved.

The major disadvantage for property managers is the missed opportunity to generate revenue and that there is no control over the service. Our approach enables the landlord to easily resell internet services to generate a return on the WLAN investment and provides a great USP over other rental properties.


Residents are assigned their own private SSID from day one. Before the new tenant arrives their details are added to the WiFi management console. Once added they receive a simple text email with their personal network name and password. There are no contracts to sign and residents can get online right away. As with any home wireless network, they can securely connect all of their devices and stream media to Smart TV or Chromecast type devices. When the tenant leaves, simply remove them from the system and the network is ready to be reassigned to the newcomer with a brand new password.

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Upgrade Process

From day one and in just a few clicks; residents have options to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth. If a resident wishes to upgrade their service, they simply login to the upgrade portal and choose the required package. They are asked to agree to a recurring PayPal payment and the additional bandwidth is applied instantly. Apartment managers can easily set what packages are available and the costs involved.

Guest Engagement

In communal areas and outdoor spaces, it is possible to provide a separate guest network. Once connected, you can engage with visitors and residents using injection jets, or by collecting email addresses to use in your ongoing marketing campaigns.

  • Banner Jet – Traditional style internet banners. The banner content can be rotated randomly, or weighted to display the best performing ads
  • Video Jet – Present promotional or advertising videos directly to the customer as they browse the internet
  • Survey Jet – A star rating system that allows you to set the questions. Survey reports are available in the Genisys dashboard
  • Menu Jet – Add a toolbar to your pages to allow users to link to hotel services such as room service, or to book a spa treatment
  • Icon Jet – Add a single, floating icon to your web pages to allow premium upgrades or link to online content